If you want a pizza should you eat it or not? | 2 minutes read

It’s been a good week so far, was fairly regular to my walks. Moved my status from a couch potato to a guy who walks 30 km a week was a real achievement indeed and that called for a reward. My body craved for a pizza and it was 11 pm. Innocently, I spoke out my thought and my kids jumped in and now my defenses are shattered. All my reasoning for one pizza equates to two days of walking didn’t hold water. Gave in to the temptation and dialed for pizza. These days we deliver pizza till 3 am, said the pizza guy. What? 3 am? I exclaimed  “Yes! We are up all night delivering pizzas, in fact, we serve more during the night than at day “. Oh Boy! we live in the world of Instant gratification and if you are serious about losing weight you sure need a good strategy in place to handle your food cravings. So here are some tips to handle your food cravings.

  1. Food for most of us is our best friend. It’s there with us at all times be good it or bad . For lot of  us Coffee energizes  , Chocolates and ice-cream are for celebrations , pizza acts a comfort food right there when you make those mental connections with your moods you tend to crave it when a mood sets in.  Start thinking about food more as fuel to your body rather than as an anti-depressant. Be very aware of the connections you make and snap out it if need be.

  2. Cultivate regular eating habits. Eating an adequate portion of food every three hours balance our blood sugar level and that in effect reduces your food craving or binge eating dramatically. It’s when your blood sugar levels are low craving hits you hard and makes you go for that Choco truffle or pizza all out.
  3. Your family, friends, and colleagues play a big role in this. if you are planning to lose weight do let them know of your intent and asks for their support. It will be a good idea to remove temptations from your surroundings, yes that includes junk food in your fridge, cafeteria and your grocery list. You need that help, Ask for it!
  4. Meet your protein intake for the day. Typically you will need 2 grams of protein for 1 kg of your body weight. Say if you are 80 kg then you need about 160 grams of protein. Proteins are complex substances and body takes time to break it down and release its energy. Bottomline, One tends to feel full when sufficient quantities of proteins are taken. This is one sure shot way to arrest your cravings.
  5. cat sleeping Get 8 hours of Sleep. People who sleep less are generally tired and end up consuming more to make up for the additional energy. A full 8 hours sleep is not a bad idea considering you will have next 16 hours to work in full throttle. 
  6.  Next time you are hit with a craving try delaying a bit. Try a glass of water or tell yourself that you will have your craving for about 10 minutes and get on with your activities. Generally, craving last for about 10 minutes and then they tend to fade out.

 And finally, if nothing works. its okay to cave in remember it’s always smart to give it than to pig out later. But the trick is to be mindful of what you are eating. When you finally get your hands on that pizza or chocolate truffle or whatever your craving might be. Eat it slowly, and try not to swallow it and taste each ingredient. Mindful eating can be both freeing and frustrating. The tendency to plow through a meal without tasting it is so common that it feels odd to slow down, but eating mindfully can decrease your craving and your waistline. you can eat anything mindfully, even your kids’ pizza crusts. Be Mindful & Eat Right is the mantra



Frippd stands for Fat getting ripped and this blog captures my journey of becoming a healthy and fit individual. I currently weight about 110 Kgs and intend to lose 45 kgs. Hopefully, my journey is helpful to my audience to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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