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As you get older losing weight becomes a challenge. This can happen for a variety of reasons. From increasing stress levels to a slow metabolism to the inevitable loss of muscle, shedding that excess weight takes more effort than a mere intention
Take my case for instance over the years I have added 45 kg to my ideal weight which is about 65 kg. Yes, my body weight about 110 kgs. While I can attribute all the above-stated reasons for an additional weight; excessive eating habit as the primary culprit for my excess weight. I’m a foodie and love food trails, all through we have literally treasure hunted remotest of food joints for culinary pleasure.
Planning on losing  45 kilograms and thought its a good idea to keep track of my progress on a weekly basis. Back of the hand calculation for losing 45 kg translates to  346500 calories.  Now that we have set calories as the common metric for food intake, work out burn and for weight to be lost. Let’s break this down further
       1 Kg = 2.2 Pounds | 1 Pound = 3500 Calories | 45 Kg = 45 X 2.2 = 99 Pounds                         
                             99 Pounds = 99 X 3500 = 346500 Calories 
Clearly, that’s a lot of calories to burn in one go. So its best to break it down and see how much you need to burn every day to get to that goal.
I have given myself about 6 months to get there  
Level Body Weight Weight Lost Calorie Equivalent Daily Calorie Deficit No of Days to get there
Level 1 100 10 77000 427  30
Level 2 90 20 154000 855  60
Level 3 80 30 231000 1283  90
Level 4 70 40 308000 1710  120
Level 5 65 45 346500 1925  150

To lose weight, you supply fewer calories than your daily needs that’s called calorie deficit




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Good starting point will be find out your daily caloric need and consume 500 calories lesser than the required calories.

Calories required per day = Body Weight ( pounds ) X Multiplier ( 12 or 13 or 14 )
                                                      = 110 x 2.2 X 12 = 2902 Calories
                                                          Sedentary Life Style    = 12
                                                          Med Active Life Style   = 13
                                                          Very Active Life Style  = 14
My body weight is 110 Kg and daily caloric need is around 2900 calories. Therefore my plan is to consume 2400 calories or lesser in a day and start off by doing cardio for 30 minutes or more.  So I will be starting at Level 1 and improve gradually over a period of time.
Armed with this insight. All is good as long as I don’t exceed 2400 Calories per day.


Frippd stands for Fat getting ripped and this blog captures my journey of becoming a healthy and fit individual. I currently weight about 110 Kgs and intend to lose 45 kgs. Hopefully, my journey is helpful to my audience to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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