Goodness of Walking: Lifts your Mood & Curbs Stress Eating |3 Minutes Read

As I started walking I could sense noticeable changes in my body and mind. Walking helps you clear the cobwebs in your head, by breathing in fresh air and connecting with the environment. Furthermore, walking gave a fresh pair of eyes to notice things which were oblivious to my eyes. It made me take care of my neighborhood, be it getting the garbage cleared or fixing the streetlights. I guess that’s why CEOs take a walk around their campus, it helps them to connect with their employees and be very approachable and gives them an opportunity to get their hands dirty when the situation demands.

Walking 10000 steps a day pumps up the heart rate and super-oxygenates the body and pushes out the toxins. All that leads to a considerable shift in your mood. My mood soars up and I experience a sense of happiness after a walk. Thanks to endorphins. 

Endorphins are feel-good hormones released from our pituitary gland when we exercise. They alleviate the pain or stress and induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria. 

 Now that my mood is taken care off, walking also tends to curb my stress eating habits. It doesn’t work in isolation though. The ideal way to beat a stress eating disorder it to meditate, get good sleep for 8 hours and walk around 10,000 steps a day.

Another tip to practice is to think food as fuel to your body. When you equate food to exercise in calorific value, It’s easy to be conscious of what you eat and how much you eat. For instance, a slice of Pizza and 45 minutes of walking  roughly equals to 200 calories, while the former adds energy to your body the latter depletes.  

Now that I generally feel good and very conscious of the mental links I make with food. I happen to notice that my food intake has gone down. Most days my intake is around 2000 calories per day, i.e 400 calories below my daily deficit caloric need. 
Benefits of walking are endless. I have highlighted the ones which resonated well with me on this blog.  Furthermore, with walking you are fortifying your heart, losing unhealthy fat, strengthening your immune system, super oxygenating your body, toning up your muscles and many more. Who wouldn’t want to experience these amazing benefits? This infographic gives a quick snapshot of all goodness of walking. 

Walking Away those Extra Pounds.png

Pin it up on your fridge and you will be reminded to take your walk every day or even better you will be conscious of the calories you consume every time you open up the fridge for snacking

Next time you are down instead of snacking, try walking. After 30 + minutes of walking, your mood will be lifted. Now that you know the trick, do it regularly and you are well on your way to becoming a happier and fitter person. 
Keep Walking! Be Happy! Smile More! Eat Mindfully! Get Fit!  That’s the way to go

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