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Not all journey is straight road to destination at times we detour or take a pit stop. No matter what happens during the journey , learn to push through those movements . For those are the movements that build you ,take rest if you need too but get back on feet when rested.

Well I just dropped momentum in shaping up my body and obviously didn’t get lose all the weight I wanted too. Thought its sounds  like a sober story, its not . I’m at peace with myself.

Now the reason for that , is that i have made conscious shift towards healthier lifestyle.Walking continues to be a regular part of my life  , junk foods intake are  minimized and i have learnt to exercise restrain on my cravings.

I guess it has taken me a while to realize fitness isn’t a destination but a journey . And that perspective has helped to go easy on me and continue my healthier habits in-spite of deferred success . Last year I had to get a complete check up done and doctors were pretty impressed that I was able to walk 30 minutes at a decent speed and still had the energy to do more 😊 😊. I was beaming with joy 🙂 ,when the  doctor said you are good but make sure you lose those extra pounds

Well health and weight can go together for some reason we have branded all heavy people as unhealthy. I’m believe you can be fat and healthy. Its not your weight that gets you into trouble but rather your habits . Make healthier Habits and you are well on your way to get better.

“To be Fat or Fit is a question of individual choice ” .  But the world will never agree with that perspective it will be quick to stereotypes fat people as unhealthy and lazy”

I had been mocked a few times “Hey I can’t believe you play tennis” and at times  “Do you walk! wow that’s cool but that’s not enough. And lastly do you think you are ” HR – a famous Indian actor ”   At times I felt like punching those mocking faces but then there are just one too many around . So At best  i laugh at their jokes but mostly i tend to ignore.

All said that’s no excuse for me carrying those excess weight. And I intent to lose them and shape up for good. Now to the most important reason why I wrote this blog.

“Detour or  pit stop are part of your journey , take it when you need them and then get right back on track ”

Good to be back and good luck with your weight loss.


Frippd stands for Fat getting ripped and this blog captures my journey of becoming a healthy and fit individual. I currently weight about 110 Kgs and intend to lose 45 kgs. Hopefully, my journey is helpful to my audience to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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