Getting to 10 KM !!

Getting to 10 KM …

Quite a few marathons were happening in Chennai, and it was inspiring to see everyone running and training for it. The marathons had multiple milestones to race for, starting from 10 KM, 21 KM & 42 KM finish lines and it looked doable, definitely 10 KM, I said to myself

My colleague’s reaction was quite the opposite, he laughed his heart out. “Alex there is no way you can do that, take a good look at your shape “. His comment stung hard, but he spoke the truth, I was in no shape to get to 10 km.

I wanted to see if I can do this, little did I know that it wasn’t going to be that easy. It took a year to get 10 KM. Initially, it was hard to push past 2.5 km mark, Slowly I moved past 2.5 km to 5 km, and soon my shoes started wearing out quickly. I had changed quite a few pairs but none were of help. You definitely need a good pair of shoes for outdoor walking, the ones I had couldn’t take the brunt of 2-hour usage. Luckily Decathlon had purpose-built shoes that were good for 2 hours of walking.

My friends never understood why I would want to walk for hours together, they considered walking to be low intensity and boring exercise . Others came in with their own set of suggestions “Hey Alex that won’t help to get in shape, why don’t you lift weights or trying a running or tennis. Everyone had their piece of advice, but I kept walking for one reason “I enjoyed it “. Gentle Breeze, greenery all around combined with a good dosage of oxygen was good enough for me.

Finally, I did manage to crack the 10 KM mark. Was it all worth it! Totally. It just made me someone who will keep his end. Now that I walk 10 km at will, it’s time to get to 21 KM. Can I do it? I don’t know, am I going to find out. Hell yea…

I suggest you do it too, walking 10 km isn’t a big deal, suggest you give it a shot

All you need to do is

  1. Start Small
  2.  Increase Gradually
  3. Stay Committed                                                                                                                                                Good luck in getting to 10 k !!


PS: These days I hit the treadmill, hence a snapshot of treadmill display

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